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DD Hammocks Camping Hammock Recycled


The hammock meets the premium quality and all other parameters of the DD Hammocks brand and is made from recycled plastic bottles, thus saving the environment. It weighs only 650 grams and can carry 125 kg. The size of the hammock is 270 × 140 cm.

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General information

The hammock offers a comfortable sleep, protects against insects, is breathable, lasts a long time – it is almost indistinguishable from standard non-recycled hammocks. About 245 plastic bottles were recycled to make the main part of the hammock. A decent number, what do you think? Instead of bottles lying around or being thrown away in a landfill, they have given life to a great new product. Of course, the manufacturers have also thought of various tweaks, whether they are spacious internal pockets for your valuables or loops on the sides of the hammock, which you can use to attach various accessories, for example DD Underblanket insulation.

Two layers

The hammock is made of two breathable layers, thus offering variability with respect to the ambient temperature. If the temperature drops, you can place a partially inflated mattress between the layers to insulate yourself. You can also climb in between the layers and “cocoon” yourself; this way you are partially protected from the weather. The hammock is not waterproof, you should take this into account and pack a tarp in case of rain.

Our recommendation

If you are going on a longer trip with your hammock, it is a good idea to bring a tarp. It will protect you not only from the vagaries of the weather, but also from needles, leaves and other unpleasant things that can fall on you while resting in the hammock.

In colder weather, make sure you have sufficient thermal insulation. One option is to place a mattress between the layers of the hammock. If you sleep in the hammock more often, consider getting an underquilt. You can choose between DD Underblanket insulation, OTUL three-season underquilt or OTUL Lite two-season underquilt.


Whats included

  • Hammock Camping Recycled
  • 10m of ropes
  • transport bag


Main advantages of the Camping Hammock

  • made of recycled material, saves the environment
  • two-layer construction
  • practical pockets for small items
  • light weight and small dimensions when packed
  • highly durable and breathable material
  • weight 650 g (without ropes)

Additional information

Weight 650 g
Dimensions 22 × 5 × 11 cm

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