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DD Hammocks Camping Hammock Olive Green


The Camping Hammock from DD Hammocks is a double-layer hammock with a longitudinal zipper for easy insertion of a camping pad or “cocooning”.

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General information

DD Camping Hammock from company DD Hammocks thanks to its simplicity and robust design, is a popular choice not only for those considering buying their first hammock, but also for seasoned hammockers.

Despite its double-layer construction and size of 270 x 140 cm, the hammock fits comfortably into a smaller backpack.

Key Features

The main characteristic of the Camping hammock is its two-layer construction with a zipper on the side. This solution allows you to place a camping pad between the layers, which then does not travel under you so much overnight. The double-layer construction can also be used to “cocoon” for greater thermal comfort and protection against the elements. You will also appreciate the two practical pockets inside the hammock where you can store smaller equipment or other small items such as your phone or wallet.

Our recommendation

If you are going on a longer trip with your hammock, it is a good idea to get a tarp. It will protect you not only from the vagaries of the weather, but also from needles, leaves and other unpleasant things that can fall on you while resting in the hammock under the trees.

In colder weather, make sure you have sufficient thermal insulation. One option is to place a mattress between the layers of the hammock. If you sleep in the hammock more often, consider getting an underquilt. You can choose between the OTUL three-season underquilt and the OTUL Lite two-season underquilt.

Whats included

  • DD Hammocks Camping Hammock Olive Green
  • 10 m of ropes
  • transport bag

Main advantages of the DD Camping Hammock

  • two-layer construction
  • practical pockets for small items
  • light weight and small dimensions when packed
  • highly durable and breathable material
  • weight 650 g (without ropes)

Additional information

Weight 650 g
Dimensions 22 × 5 × 11 cm

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