How to choose a hammock?

Have you decided to get a hammock? Great idea! Let’s talk together about how to choose the right hammock. First of all, let’s talk about what every hammock must meet, regardless of its construction, material or price.

Hammock size

The first thing to look for is the length of the hammock – it should be at least 60 cm longer than your height. Most manufacturers list the maximum recommended sleeping height for their hammocks. If you are close to this value, it is better to reach for a longer model. Generally speaking, the longer the hammock, the more comfortable it is.

If you’re looking for a hammock primarily for sleeping, also pay attention to its width. Comfortable hammocks are usually at least 140 cm wide. The fanciest ones have an asymmetrical cut, which further increases comfort.

Do not overload the hammock

Don’t forget the maximum load capacity

Another important value is the maximum load capacity of the hammock, which can vary significantly depending on the material and type of hammock used. Never exceed this value. Not only is an overloaded hammock much less comfortable, but in the worst case it can break underneath you and instead of resting comfortably you can fall to the hard ground. For the maximum load capacity it is good to have a reserve of at least 20 kg per backpack or hafan.

Looking for a hammock for the garden or for a trip around the world?

Now you know you can fit in the hammock and that it won’t break off with you. What’s next? Now is the time to think about and answer the question of what you will use the hammock for most. For lounging in the garden? To sleep in the woods? Maybe you’re looking for something really light to sleep in on your dream trip around the world. Well, maybe you just want something cool for selfies by the sea.

Hammock gadgets

Do you know yet? Well done! Now I’ll describe the “tweaks” of each hammock and you can see if any of them fit your idea. Click on the button to see all our hammocks that have this feature.

Asymmetrical cut

Hammocks with an asymmetrical cut are usually much more comfortable than classic ones. They lie “flatter” and are therefore suitable for longer relaxation or sleeping.

Double bottom

Double-bottom hammocks tend to be a little heavier and bulkier. However, this is compensated by extra protection against stinging insects and especially the possibility to insert a car mattress or other insulation between the layers. It doesn’t travel as much under you overnight. Double-bottom hammocks are perfect for trips to warm places where there are a lot of mosquitoes. The double bottom will also be appreciated by anyone who is not planning to get the underquilt hammock insulation.

Complete solution

Hammocks labeled as “complete solutions” contain everything the average hammock maker needs for a comfortable overnight stay in a hammock. Just add pins and insulation according to the season and off to the countryside!

Modular solution

Hammocks labelled as “modular solutions” provide a good basis for building your own set-up. You can buy a cover, mosquito net or an adjustable hanging system for your hammock.

Low weight

Do you travel light and need your equipment to weigh as little as possible? Look for hammocks marked “under 1 kg”. If you’re really saving every gram, focus on equipment labeled as ultralight.

Mosquito net / removable mosquito net

Going to places with stinging insects? Want to make sure that no six-legged friend moves into your hammock overnight? In that case, it’s a good idea to choose a hammock with a mosquito net. It not only protects you from insects, but also increases thermal comfort. Some of you will be pleased to know that you can easily watch the starry sky before going to bed despite the mosquito net.

Hanging system whoopie slings

If the hammock is equipped with a whoopie slings system, you can easily hang it without knowing a single knot. In addition, the ropes can be easily lengthened or shortened and thus easily and quickly adjust the sag of the hammock to your liking and needs.

Hammock for two

The hammock marked as a hammock for two is wide enough to accommodate two sleepers.

Do you want some advice? Write to us!

So what? Already have your favourite? If you are unsure or need advice, please do not hesitate to write to us.

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