The DD Hammocks brand story

Imagine you are travelling. That’s easy, I’m sure you have that experience. Imagine travelling to remote and unusual destinations and spending several months there. There are not a few people like that either. And finally, imagine that you want to travel as light as possible, not have to unpack a bulky tent, search for flat ground and sleep comfortably. Lovely idea, isn’t it? The Scottish traveller and adventurer Nick Vansittart probably thought along similar lines when he started taking various hammocks with him on his travels. He wasn’t completely satisfied with any of them, so he eventually started his own hammock brand, DD Hammocks.

Nick’s Adventures

After establishing his own brand, Nick continued his adventures. For example, he went from Scotland to Mongolia in an old Škoda, which had a specially modified roof so that two hammocks could be hung from one side of the car. He also drove through the mountainous jungles of Cambodia in the monsoon season, criss-crossed the Sahara in an old Land Rover Defender, and explored the jungles and arid coastlines of Sierra Leone and Liberia. Such an adventurer must already know what such a hammock should do. Nick would add another travel experience: on one of his adventurous expeditions, we ran out of food and the situation was really serious. Nick had the idea to use the hammock mosquito net as a net and use it to catch fish.

Leaving aside such an extreme situation, what do hammocks from DD Hammocks offer? Of course, basic parameters such as wind and insect protection, lightness, small volume, comfort and affordability are essential.

About the brand DD Hammocks

The DD Hammocks brand itself is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since 2005, it has been at the forefront of the specific hammock camping sector. DD hammocks and other equipment are popular not only among hammock enthusiasts, but thanks to their quality and durability they have earned a rightful place in the equipment of soldiers, in various organizations that offer survival courses or jungle training, and also in TV shows where they fight to win somewhere in the wilderness. DD Hammocks are suitable for hot and cold, can withstand strong winds and other adverse weather conditions, so they can be used anywhere in the world.

The experts at DD are constantly testing new products and using modern technology. This allows you to find the right equipment for your needs. We can name, for example, the hammock DD Travel/Bivi, a clever DD 3×3 sail, a sleeping bag adapted for use in a hammock, or one of the lightest hammocks in the world DD SuperLight. The company offers all the necessary accessories for hammocks and camping – from tents, cages, and sleeping bags to backpacks and clothing to various carabiners, holders and other gadgets that will make your overnight stay in nature more pleasant. If you are looking for some equipment that you have not found in our shop, please do not hesitate to write to us. We’ll be happy to get it for you.