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Safari Deluxe Zip Hammock

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The Safari Deluxe Zip Hammock is a premium, spacious outdoor hammock featuring a large waterproof tarp, designed for the comfort of one to two people. The hammock has side entry with YKK zippers and patented asymmetrical shape for comfortable sleep.

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General information

The Safari Deluxe Zip Hammock is designed for people who like generously-sized hammocks. Representing the pinnacle of comfort, it is the largest and deepest hammock offered by the Canadian company Hennessy Hammock. The hammock provides ample space for cozy snuggling, allowing two people to sleep if their combined weight doesn’t exceed 159 kg. Similar to its smaller counterparts, this hammock boasts a patented asymmetrical shape and a structural ridge line, ensuring a comfortable lying position, no matter where you decide to hang it.

With its generous dimensions and a spacious waterproof tarp, the Safari Deluxe Zip outdoor hammock is particularly well-suited for activities that benefit from an expansive home base. Whether you’re camping, fishing, or embarking on a several-day boating trip, this hammock provides a comfortable and versatile shelter.

This hammock model has a high quality YKK zipper on the side to allow side entry.

This hammock is suitable for anyone weighing up to 159 kg and up to 213 cm tall.

For complete packing of the Safari into the Snakeskins you need to buy two packs. One for the hammock and one for the tarp.

The Safari Deluxe Zip hammock is equipped with an integrated mosquito net, a convenient inner pocket, a detachable tarp, high-quality straps featuring an extended “Tree Hugger” section for bark protection, fastening ropes, and a handy bag for easy packing of the hammock.

Main advantages of the hammock:

  • really generous dimensions
  • durable material
  • large waterproof tarp
  • asymmetrical shape for comfortable sleep
  • structural ridgeline to ensure the hammock’s optimal sagging
  • integrated mosquito net
  • high quality YKK zippers
  • practical straps for quick hanging

Additional information

Weight 1904 g
Dimensions 13 × 22 × 30 cm

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