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DD Steve Backshall Jungle Hammock


Embark on an adventure with the DD Steve Backshall Jungle Hammock, designed in collaboration with the renowned explorer Steve Backshall. This hammock features several upgrades, presenting a comfortable, lightweight, and innovative design prepared for any wilderness expedition.

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Designed in collaboration with Steve Backshall

Steve, a British adventurer, presenter, and writer, known for his extensive expeditions to the most challenging locations worldwide, has partnered with DD Hammocks to co-design a specialized hammock. After months of discussions and meticulous refinement, the DD Steve Backshall Jungle Hammock has come to life. Packed with innovative features, this hammock offers functionality appreciated not only in the jungle but in various environments.

Swift and practical suspension system

The hammock’s combination of lightweight yet robust Dyneema loops, along with the Daisy Chain straps, ensures a swift and effortless hanging process. Simply wrap them around the tree and secure with a carabiner. The number of loops enables easy tension adjustments without the need for unnecessary retying. This solution not only provides comfort but is also gentle on the bark of the trees.

The impenetrable mosquito net

The densely woven mosquito net effortlessly fends off all the insects the jungle may present, including the notorious Scottish midge or local mosquitoes. Unlike other DD hammocks, the tensioning is provided by a single curved rod in the head area. This design not only reduces weight but also expedites the hanging process.

Other features

A notable feature is the double bottom, allowing you to effortlessly insert a camping pad or insulation for enhanced thermal comfort. The hammock is underquilt-ready, featuring multiple loops for easy attachment. Last but not least, the hammock is equipped with several inner pockets, providing convenient storage for small items you may want to keep handy during the night.

Made from recycled materials

While it may not be immediately apparent, the hammock is crafted from special DD recycled polyester. Not only is it exceptionally strong and breathable, but it is also a sustainable choice, being made from more than 200 recycled plastic bottles.

What are Steve’s thoughts on the hammock?


Whats included

  • 1x DD Steve Backshall Jungle Hammock
  • 2x Dyneema ropes
  • 2x DD carbiner
  • 2x Daisy Chain strap
  • 1x arched aluminum rod
  • 2x elastic cord
  • 1x bag for packing

Additional information

Weight 1614 g



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