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DD SuperLight Jungle Hammock


Modular, light, spacious and comfortable, the DD SuperLight Jungle Hammock features rain protection with excellent air circulation. All its parts are detachable. The hammock comes equipped with the convenient Whoopie Slings suspension system, allowing for quick and knot-free hanging of the hammock.

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General information

The standout feature of the DD SuperLight Jungle Hammock is its modular design, offering an ideal all-in-one solution. The fully removable mosquito net and waterproof cover provide versatility. For those traveling light, simply pack the hammock, weighing approximately half a kilo. When expecting mosquitoes, add the mosquito net. Rainy season? Add rain cover!

Another important feature of the DD SuperLight Jungle Hammock is its two-layer construction. This design enables you to place a camping pad between the hammock layers, keeping it tightly in place and ensuring that the mattress stays securely in place throughout the night, providing a stable and comfortable sleeping experience.

The hammock can be configured as a tent. For wet ground conditions, it is recommended to use an additional waterproof mat (not included).


Main parts of the hammock

  • Hammock with double bottom for inserting a camping pad.
  • The hammock includes a detachable rainproof top cover with self-supporting reinforced bars. The attachment of the tarp enhances ventilation within the hammock, following the same principle as double-walled tents. This feature is advantageous in hot and winter weather conditions, providing comfort and adaptability to various climates. Additionally, the interior of the hammock prevents the condensation of humidity that typically occurs in other setups.
  • The detachable mosquito net suitable for tropical areas and effectively prevents even the smallest Scottish Midge flies from getting through.
  • The Whoopie Slings system ensures an extra-fast and easy hanging process. It comes with a pair of Tree Huggers to protect the trees and two carabiners, preventing water from running down the ropes to the hammock during rainy conditions.


We recommend

Combine the hammock with the DD Underblanket, and you can enjoy a comfortable sleep even in colder months or rainy areas. The Underblanket covers the entire hammock, providing effective warmth. Attached to the hammock from the outside, it remains unaffected by body movement, ensuring consistent positioning and preventing displacement of the insulation.


Main features of the Jungle SuperLight hammock

  • Size: 270 cm x 140 cm (comfortable for people up to 197 cm and 125 kg)
  • Packed size: 40 × 14 cm
  • Colour: green
  • Weight: 1520 g
  • Material: nylon oxford with PU coating


Whats included

  • DD SuperLight Jungle Hammock
  • 2x carabiner
  • 2x dural rod
  • Whoopie slings – special quick and easy suspension system
  • 2x strong Tree Huggers belt
  • 2x elastic cord
  • 1x 3m cord

Additional information

Weight 1520 g
Dimensions 40 × 14 × 14 cm

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