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Blackbird XLC DL hammock


An exceptional hammock, rightly hailed as one of the finest on the market. The Blackbird XLC DL boasts a fully removable mosquito net, double bottom, Whoopie slings and many other practical features. Thanks to its high quality, the hammock is suitable for the most demanding conditions and expedition travel.

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General information

The Warbonnet Blackbird XLC DL is a hammock that every demanding traveler will appreciate. It offers superior sleeping comfort in every season. High-quality materials, wide variety of accessories and a number of innovative features make it one of the most comfortable hammocks in the world.


Durable material

Dream-Tex synthetic fabric, developed specifically for hammocks, combines a traditional ripstop weave with a diamond grid. This creates a fabric with an incredibly comfortable texture that is also resistant to damage. Add a fantastic ratio of strength, light weight and flexibility and you have the ideal hammock that will serve you for a long time.


Comfort first

The sophisticated asymmetrical design is a key element that sets the Blackbird XLC hammock apart from many others on the market. Its unique shape allows you to recline almost completely horizontally, ensuring exceptional comfort. Whether you prefer sleeping on your back or your side, this hammock accommodates both positions. Additionally, its generous dimensions make it suitable for individuals up to 210 cm tall


Functional Accessories

  • The Footbox feature elevates the comfort of the Blackbird XLC hammock to new heights. By providing additional space for your legs, it allows for sideways leg movement, enhancing sleep comfort and alleviating pressure on the calves—particularly beneficial for more sensitive individuals.
  • Circumferential zipper – The zipper on both sides of the mosquito net allows the hammock to be fully unzipped along its entire length. Granting you the flexibility to enter or exit from the side you prefer or based on the terrain around you
  • Storage Shelf – Blackbird offers a unique feature in the form of a large storage “shelf” located near the user’s head. You can stash your cell phone, socks, water bottle, gloves and other things you need to have within quick reach.


Mosquitoes don’t stand a chance

The hammock comes with completely removable mosquito net, ensuring reliable protection from pesky insects. Its design provides ample space around your head with the use of side straps. If you prefer to lighten your load and don’t require the mosquito net, it can be easily detached.


Double bottom

Anyone who has ever spent the night in a hammock knows that cold penetration from below can be a problem. Although you are not lying on the ground, cold air flows under the hammock and reduces thermal comfort. The Warbonnet Blackbird XLC hammock has a special double bottom, into which you can insert a foam or inflatable mattress and significantly eliminate heat loss. Another pleasant feature is the fact that a mat placed in this way does not tend to slide off, as is the case with other hammocks. In addition, the double bottom provides almost complete protection against stinging insects.


Hanging system

The hammock comes with suspension called. Whoopie slingsThese are specialized thin ropes equipped with self-locking loops, offering a lighter and more compact alternative to carabiners. Despite their lightweight design, they provide the same secure suspension and allow for easy length adjustment even after the hammock is hung. The system utilizes a special Amsteel rope crafted by braiding Dyneema material, renowned for its exceptional strength, flexibility, and minimal weight of just 5g/m. For the most effortless suspension experience, we suggest pairing the suspension system with a set of SMUK carabiners.


Designed by professionals

The design features of this hammock, from the footbox to the shelf to the hanging system, showcase sheer brilliance. Sleeping in it, you can tell it was crafted by individuals who genuinely understand outdoor gear. Independent tests and reviews from seasoned bushcrafters confirm it as one of the most advanced and comfortable hammocks worldwide. Additionally, with all manufacturing based in Colorado, USA, opting for this hammock proves to be a worthwhile investment.


Key features:

  • high quality materials
  • removable mosquito net
  • Whoopie slings suspension system ensuring quick and easy setup.
  • internal equipment shelf
  • asymmetrical shape
  • load capacity 160 kg
  • for adventurers up to 210 cm tall
  • double-sided entrance
  • double bottom for insertion of a foam or inflatable mattress
  • made in the USA



Additional information

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 35 × 16 × 16 cm


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