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DD Frontline hammock Olive Green


The DD Frontline is a breathable and fully enclosed hammock, complete with a mosquito net and a double layer for the option to insert a sleeping pad or “cocooning”. The hammock can be pitched on the ground, functioning as a tent.

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General information

DD Frontline hammock in olive green color by DD Hammocks is an outdoor hammock featuring a tightly woven mosquito net, capable of withstanding even the smallest Scottish Midge flies, and a double bottom for inserting a sleeping pad and added durability. In contrast to the similar DD Travel/Bivi model, the layers of this hammock are not waterproof; instead, they offer enhanced breathability. The size of the hammock is 270 x 140 cm.

Two-layer construction

One of the main characteristics of the DD Frontline Olive Green hammock is its two-layer construction. You have the option to insert a camping pad between the layers of the hammock, ensuring it remains securely in place throughout the night without shifting underneath you. The dual-layer construction provides enhanced protection against stinging insects, offering an added layer of defense for a more secure outdoor experience.

Mosquito net

The mosquito net on the DD Frontline hammock can be securely closed along both longitudinal sides using a zipper with two sliders. This tightly woven net ensures protection against even the smallest insects, while also enhancing thermal comfort and offering partial shielding from the sun.

Transform the Frontline hammock into a tent

The hammock comes with four loops strategically placed around the perimeter, allowing you to secure it to the ground and convert it into a tent. Since the bottom layer is not waterproof, it is recommended to place a groundsheet underneath for waterproofing. The 3×3 DD tarp is spacious enough to serve as both a floor and a protective shelter over the hammock.

Useful Accessories

Within the hammock, you’ll find four convenient Velcro pockets designed for secure storage of essentials such as your phone or wallet. When the spreader bars are removed, the hammock can be inverted, allowing you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the sky or treetops.


Whats included

  • Frontline Hammock Olive Green
  • 10 m of ropes
  • 2x 2m elastic cords
  • 2x ultralight rods
  • trasportation bag


Main advantages of the DD Frontline hammock:

  • double-layered bottom for fitting a camping mat
  • very high density mosquito net providing protection from even the smallest insects
  • zippers on both sides
  • can be set up as a tent.
  • highly durable, easy to maintain and breathable material

Additional information

Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 15 cm

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