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Expedition Classic Hammock

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The Expedition Classic Hammock is a high quality outdoor hammock for one person with a bottom entry and a patented asymmetrical shape for comfortable sleeping.

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General information

Limited edition with purple elements and lighter tarp (see photo)

The Expedition Classic Hammock is the most popular model with a classic entrance from the Canadian company Hennessy Hammock. This hammock has a patented asymmetrical shape and a structural ridge line, that guarantees a consistently comfortable lying position no matter where the hammock is hung.

Constructed from premium materials, this durable outdoor hammock ensures enduring reliability and offers restful sleep for many years. Whether you venture into the wilderness, set it up at a camping ground, or bring it along for a seaside holiday, this hammock is tailored to elevate your outdoor experiences. Due to its light weight (1176 g), the net can also serve as an interesting alternative to ultralight tents for backpackers.

This hammock model has a Velcro bottom entrance that automatically closes under the weight of your body.

This hammock is suitable for anyone weighing up to 114 kg and up to 183 cm tall. If you’re taller, heavier, or just want more comfort, check out the Explorer Deluxe Classic

Included in the package is the Expedition Classic hammock with integrated mosquito net, removable tarp, handy inner pocket, quality straps with extended “Tree Hugger” section to protect tree bark, ropes and a practical bag for packing the hammock.


Main advantages of the hammock:

  • all-in-one solution
  • light weight
  • durable material
  • asymmetrical shape for comfortable sleep
  • structural ridgeline to guarantee optimal sagging of the hammock
  • integrated mosquito net
  • bottom entry for swift and easy access to and from the hammock.
  • practical straps for quick attachment




Additional information

Weight 1176 g
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 10 cm

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