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URSA hammock


The URSA hammock not only provides exceptional comfort and practicality for outdoor adventures, but it also boasts impressive dimensions of 350 cm by 180 cm, making it one of the roomiest outdoor hammocks available. Its asymmetrical design and practical Whoopie Slings suspension system ensure maximum comfort and flexibility. Additionally, the durable material and integrated mosquito net offer longevity and effective protection from insects.

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Maximum comfort and flexibility

The URSA hammock stands out with its impressive dimensions of 350 cm by 180 cm, perfect for anyone who loves comfortable sleep. Designed with sleep comfort in mind, it features an integrated mosquito net, practical pockets for smaller gear, and a ridgeline rope to ensure the ideal sagging of the hammock. Its asymmetrical cut allows for a flatter diagonal lie, reducing pressure on the back and enhancing comfort during sleep.

Fast hanging with whoopie slings

The hammock is equipped with a practical adjustable Whoopie Slings suspension system, which significantly reduces the time needed to hang it. This system also allows the net to be easily tensioned without retying.


Key Features

  • asymmetrical cut for comfortable sleep
  • size 350 x 180 cm
  • integrated mosquito net
  • integrated adjustable whoopie slings
  • ridgeline with two pockets for small items
  • side pockets
  • Durable material with 250 kg load capacity



Additional information

Weight 870 g
Dimensions 31 × 12 × 12 cm

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